Innobits AB

      What we do

Innobits AB develops, produces and markets products and services for the video and broadcasting industry, primarily tools for video encoding as well as sound and movie restoration. Innobits is also pursuing several development projects for the digital TV and video/film industry.

Using proprietary algorithms, Innobits has developed software in a series of bit conserving, quality enhancing tools in the field of audio and video processing. We optimize the efficiency of our client's resources, without compromising quality.

Innobits has developed a unique method for bandwidth conservation. The method differs from other techniques in the way that it filters source material. With our technique the subsequent compression becomes at least 30% more efficient, regardless of compression method and supplier of the same. The compressed stream demands considerably less space, when stored on disk or when sent through various transmission channels. Efficiency shows in both bandwidth conservation and in considerably better video quality during playback.