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      The Video Purifier

The Video Purifier is a method based on algorithms with bandwidth conservation and image enhancement as primary functions. It is a unique method in the way that it filters source material.

With the Video Purifier the subsequent compression becomes at least 30% more efficient regardless of the compression method and the supplier of the same. Efficiency shows in the way that the finished movie, after compression, will be better in quality during playback, but also that it demands much less space for storage. A video signal takes considerably less space regardless if the film is to be stored on disk or if the signal is to be sent through other channels of transmission.

The Video Purifier will

  • Reduce digital noise i.e. unnecessary differences between the adjacent frames.
  • Maintain a clean signal.
  • Facilitate higher compression rates.
  • Make footage to be compressed at least 30% more efficiently, while maintaining or, in many cases, enhancing the visual quality